Touchmarks & BlackSmiths Marks




Touchmarks or BlackSmiths Marks, A new venture

A precision piece of engineering that is designed to be hit with a BIG hammer and leave a distinguishable mark.

Production will begin once the project is approved by both customer and designer.

Each mark has its own toolpath and is micro machined using 0.2mm 0.007" tipped cutters; machining the piece could take up to 6 or more hours depnding on the complexity of the design.

The marks produced are made from H13 Tool Steel for hot working and press mounted; O1 High Carbon and Spring steel for cold working and hand held working.

H13 and spring steel have the finest grain size and produce the best cut image but requires a more sophisticated hardening process and is therefore more expensive.

Hand held Marks are made from O1 tool steel bar 26mm 1.038"

For Leather tooling silver steel is used.

Marks are micromachined into aneiled steel blanks where a range of fonts are available and cut to a depth of 1.0 mm, 0.039"

A design can be created for you or we can follow a design of your choice such as a logo, it is also possible for us to create pictures.

Currently the best method of getting in contact with us would be via the email link at the bottom of this, providing us with what you would like giving overal diamiter.

Once the mark has begun production, any editing will unfortunately result in additional costs.




Please click on Photo Matrix to see samples of my work