General purpouse engineering is becomming a service which is becomming harder to find

as the majority of engineering firms want to specialise where they can maintain there over heads and workforce.

Here at engraving studio these factors are of a much lesser concern and thus i can offer a very short lead time

or an immediate service with a come knock on the door approach and i will have a look.

I offer a comprehensive machining service, and I can undertake the manufacture of one-off prototype and small batch work.

from customer drawings, samples or undertake complete component design and manufacture.

The machinery I have available includes:

Startrite 18" Bandsaw,

pillar dril,

Kerry 13" centre lathe,

Bridgeport Vertical Mill with 2 Axis dro

Flat bed CNC maching X500mm Y500mm Z 100mm

DB5 Flypressand the usual range of hand tools.

I charge £12 per half hour labour (I am not VAT Registerd)



Below is a collection of some of my Work